The Neverending Dungeon

What Is It?

The Neverending Dungeon is a dungeon crawl for charity.  Characters are thrown into a dungeon with an ever expanding series of levels.  How far into the dungeon the characters get is up to their skill and luck.  

This isn't just any dungeon with generic monsters and loot.  A story will introduce the characters to the dungeon and there will be a climatic battle with a conclusion at the end.  So prepare your armor, spells, and weapons to help you survive The Neverending Dungeon!

How It Works?

The goal of the dungeon is to not only challenge the players and dungeon master, but to raise money for charity.  (The charity is determined per convention and may not be the one selected by Fear the Charity.)  It is the players at the table and the spectators who donate money in order to help the characters with magic items or hinder them with monsters.  See the menu below for prices.

All money collected goes to the charity.

At the Game Session:

Four to six players buy into the game in four hour slots (total length of time the dungeon is open is dependent on the convention).  They choose pre-generated characters and sit at the designated spots.  The introduction is given and the characters start their exploration.

During combat, each player is given 30 seconds to determine their action.  If they procrastinate, their turn is skipped and the round continues.

At any time, people can donate to complicate matters for the dungeon master and the characters.  A map will be shown to the audience with each encounter in each room.  Also a marker will show where the party is at any given time.

  • Replace the GM selected monsters with another set of monsters (this new set cannot be replaced by someone else)
  • Add a single encounter to a room (no more than two encounters per room)
  • Add treasure for the characters
  • Add traps to a room

NOTE: Introduction and Ending rooms cannot be messed with.

A 10 minute break will occur 2 hours into each 4 hour slot.

If the dungeon lasts for more than one 4 hour slot, each character will level up for the next slot.  Players can continue playing for the next slot or new players can join.  Before the characters kick open the door to the next level of the dungeon,  they must choose which items to keep for their characters. 

The characters can keep:

  • 1 magic item per magic item slot
  • 3 weapons
  • 50 consumable/slot less items.


Entrance Fee: $25 per 4 hour slot